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Version 3.0.3
Stable 3.1.4
Function Content Management Software




As of 1.7.0-3, 2.5.x, 3.x, click on Site / System Information.
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See here:


Very useful tips about upgrade settings:
Upgrading to 3.0:
November 2012: Joomla 2.5.8 to 3.0: Essentially go to Control Panel / Joomla Update / Options / Update Server / Short Term Support
The steps below work for Joomla 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 to 1.7.3 to 2.5.0 to 2.5.1 to 2.5.x to whatever:
On Joomla's backend (login as administrator in, click on Extensions / Extension Manager
Joomla update1.png
Click on Update
Joomla update2.png
On the top right of the Update tab, click on "Find Updates"
Joomla update3.png
After a few seconds, the available update will appear. Check the box on its left.
Joomla update4.png
Click on "Update" on the top right.
Joomla update5.png
If everything goes ok, a successful message appears.
Joomla update6.png
Alternative to all of this is to upload the upgrade package file taken from (e.g., through Extensions / Extension Manager / Install.


Check for Errors in Extension Manager

Always check for Errors in "Extensions / Extension Manager / Warnings" after updates.

Error Copy failed while upgrading

While updating Joomla, the error "-1 - An error has occurred. Copy failed" may appear. I had modified a file in one of the templates folders and left it with the wrong owner. Resetting the owner to the web server user (on the console, chown apache. /path/filename) did the trick.
Joomla error1.png

Error SQL DB function failed with error number 1061 etc while upgrading

Error message: JInstaller: :Install: Error SQL DB function failed with error number 1061
Duplicate key name 'idx_image' SQL=ALTER TABLE `j16_languages` ADD UNIQUE `idx_image` (`image`);
Solution: Found in
Login as administrator, Extensions/Extensions Manager, select Database tab, if errors are listed click on "Fix", and then redo the update.

Error Joomla 2.5.4 Administrator page almost blank

When trying to log in as administrator, an almost blank page appears with two links: View Site and Log out.
Solution: Follow the instruction here:
Thanks to the OSTraining people!
In the file /<site>/administrator/includes/helper.php change
if (!$user->authorise('core.login.admin')) {
if (($user->get('guest')) || !$user->authorise('core.login.admin')) {
Another solution: See here:
Joomla error adminpageblank.png


Software name Version number Version date
Joomla 3.0.3 5 February 2013


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